Week 1


My first lesson. It was fun! it was good to be doing something creative again. I use my camera here and there but I have never really learnt the proper techniques. I have a basic understanding of aperture, exposure etc and I pretty much always use the manual setting so I am not just pointing and shooting. I am looking forward to the photos I will be taking for our first assessment. I have never purposely done a panning shot before, that I can remember, so it will be good to learn how to do that.

Here are a few notes from today.


Week 2


Week 3


Today was so fun. It is so cool to be able to just walk around taking photos. I think I got a few good shots in amongst the photos I took that will demonstrate the different camera skills and fit the criteria. I loved taking photos of the birds and especially the seagulls, they are such characters. One of them legitimately had only one foot, not like those ones that pretend to have one leg but it is really tucked up in there feathers, this one only has one foot and I have photographic evidence! I got quite close to it as well, they are so used to humans its not funny. It is very serious. No not really its funny, in a serious way.

Week 4


Well! What a day that was! I totally freaked out. I panicked. I was not calm. I was ill prepared and I was not ready for all of that information. Learning new things is rarely easy. I always feel like I am really slow at learning new things. I try my best to keep up but my wanting to get things perfect and right first time round holds me back a lot. Sometimes I just quit before I have even started because I feel like I will never get the results I want anyway so why even bother? BUT I really tried today AND at the end of the day, despite all my freaking out I ended up with something I was happy with. I didn’t get it right first time round but I had a break, reassessed and came back to try again. And that’s what learning is all about.
I actually forgot to purposefully do a maximum depth of field shot, but luckily I had one in there amongst them. It was just a photo of some toad stools at uni.

I was having a very bad day and the weekend previous had been really stressful. I had two other assessments due for other subjects and I was just super overwhelmed and it all got to be too much and I had a little moment. But I was pleased with the end result and I learnt a lot of new skills.

I am also super thankful and appreciative of how much my teacher and all of the teachers there helped out that day, like just by being understanding and patient. I am sure I am not the first student that has cried in front of them. Over something that seems pretty silly. But at the time I was super concerned. I know that the assessment was only worth 10% but every mark counts, and I really want to do well, I’m sure every student does, but yeah, everything turned out ok so that is what matters.

Week 5


Week 6



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