camera skills/portrait/place

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Camera Skills

For this assessment we had to show off our camera skills. I had minimal skills to begin with. I knew how to hold a camera and press the button. I had an idea about depth of field and shutter speed and the other skills we had to demonstrate but I was basically just a point and shoot and see if it turns out OK photographer before we started this task. Now, after this task, I am an award winning National Geographic photographer! Just kidding. However I am a lot better than what I was. I especially liked taking photos of the birds by the ocean, using a fast shutter speed to capture freezing action shots of them fighting over food and flying and what not. I also like taking photos of plants as I love gardening. Basically taking photos of anything in the natural world is what I like. I did enjoy taking the slow shutter speed photos of the people in the shopping mall too, that was interesting. Soooo I basically just like taking photos of anything I like or find interesting, which is pretty much photography in a nutshell haha.


For this assessment we had to take a portrait of someone under studio light and in natural light. Having never taken a purposeful, nice, portrait, I was keen to learn all about this process. I think if I would have had more time I would have enjoyed it more. I stuck to the basics and didn’t try anything too ground breaking because I was not confident in my abilities. It was quite challenging and I found myself constantly comparing my portraits to ones by really awesome portrait photographers, so of course I was getting myself down because mine were not amazing. I am also quite opposed to the whole photoshopping out people’s flaws thing. Like I can see a place for it, but I just like taking a photo and it being what it is. I will have to work on my acceptance of the idea that some editing is okay and pretty much necessary. But it was nevertheless a great learning experience and I would definitely like to explore the natural light portraiture side of things further in the future. One thing that was really cool about doing this project was when my partner suggested doing a time lapse video of us in the studio. It looks really cool. I feel like any video made into a time lapse looks awesome though. All time lapse credit goes to my partner, I have no idea how to make one, I’ll also put that on my to do list!

Watch it here:


For this assessment we were required to interpret the concept of Place. For example a place to be, a place on the body, a certain place like a room, office, town, or city, a house or area that you call home, a place one has reached, a place to go, a suitable/unsuitable place, a person’s position in life etc. It was pretty much open to interpretation. I chose a physical place, my dining table at home. I chose to take photos from above the table of what happens on and around it. I really enjoyed this task and I would love to do a series with these photos because I took way too many and I have a heap left that are great. I like them because they are an authentic portrayal of my everyday life. It would be cool to be able to take photos of somebody else’s dining table! Or like a bunch of people, to see how they use their tables day to day. I will add that project to my ever expanding creative to do list. My partner did another time lapse video, this time just on his iphone. It is of one of the meals we ate, I didn’t end up using any of the photos from this meal in my final eight, but it was a delicious meal and a feast for the eyes and I am glad Matt did a time lapse of it because it is really colourful. It was smoked trout with a deconstructed salad, very fancy pant.

Watch it here: