Week 1


  • My first lesson. It was fun! It was good to be doing something creative again. I use my camera here and there but I have never really learnt the proper techniques. I have a basic understanding of aperture, exposure etc and I pretty much always use the manual setting so I am not just pointing and shooting. I am looking forward to the photos I will be taking for our first assessment. I have never purposely done a panning shot before, that I can remember, so it will be good to learn how to do that.

Here are my notes from today.

Here are some of my favourite photos from this week demonstrating certain camera skills we are working on.

These are the first two photos I took in the course! These two photos illustrate varying depths of field.

These photos illustrate depth of field. I took a lot of these because it is interesting to see the different perspectives.


Week 2


  • Today in class we worked on camera skills some more, we did panning shots, freezing action etc. The panning shots look really cool, I like doing those. I took the best most funniest photo of Nathan jumping off a seat and it looks like he is going to fly up into space!

Notes from today

Photos using panning technique.

Freezing action.


  • Went to the park with my partner and the doggos to try get some shots to use for the assignment. I took an awesome subject blur photo of my dog Strawberry, she is running past and she just looks like a wisp of white in the park it is so funny!

Freezing action. Look at that concentration! Look at that drool!

Week 3


  • Shopping centre! I thought it would be cool to take a photo of people going up and down escalators for the subject blur shot. My partner said I should ask the shopping centre security first if I could take photos inside the centre because he had done it once without asking and got into trouble. I went and asked at Charlestown mall and they said I needed to speak to the centre manager who was not there that day. I thought I would try at Kotara mall on my way home. I explained to the lady at the security desk that it was for a project at uni and the people’s faces would be blurred anyway, she said it was fine! So I took about 8 million photos. It was really fun and they turned out really well and made for very interesting and fun photos in my opinion.
  • Today was so fun. It is so cool to be able to just walk around taking photos. I think I got a few good shots in amongst the photos I took that will demonstrate the different camera skills and fit the criteria. I loved taking photos of the birds and especially the seagulls, they are such characters. One of them legitimately had only one foot, not like those ones that pretend to have one leg but it is really tucked up in there feathers, this one only has one foot and I have photographic evidence! I got quite close to it as well, they are so used to humans its not funny. It is very serious. No not really its funny, in a serious way.

Week 4


  • Well! What a day that was! I totally freaked out. I panicked. I was not calm. I was ill prepared and I was not ready for all of that information. Learning new things is rarely easy. I always feel like I am really slow at learning new things. I try my best to keep up but my wanting to get things perfect and right first time round holds me back a lot. Sometimes I just quit before I have even started because I feel like I will never get the results I want anyway so why even bother? BUT I really tried today AND at the end of the day, despite all my freaking out I ended up with something I was happy with. I didn’t get it right first time round but I had a break, reassessed and came back to try again. And that’s what learning is all about.

I was having a very bad day and the weekend previous had been really stressful. I had two other assessments due for other subjects and I was just super overwhelmed and it all got to be too much and I had a little moment. But I was pleased with the end result and I learnt a lot of new skills.

I am also super thankful and appreciative of how much my teacher and all of the teachers at uni helped out that day, like just by being understanding and patient. I am sure I am not the first student that has cried in front of them. Over something that seems pretty silly. But at the time I was super concerned. I know that the assessment was only worth 10% but every mark counts, and I really want to do well, I’m sure every student does, but yeah, everything turned out okay, and I learnt lots during the process, so that is what matters.

Some unintelligible and illegible scrawling of a mad person from today…


  • Here are the photos I submitted


Week 5


  • Portraits in the studio. Gosh darn heck of a dang what a cool studio it is! I have never been in an actual real photography studio before, it was slightly intimidating. I have also never taken an actual real serious portrait before. I had no idea what I was doing, so I tried to follow teacher’s instructions as best as I could. The first portrait I took looked so bland, it was just using natural light and then teach comes over and tells us that if we move the subject around so the light creates a bit of shadow on the face and EUREKA! Instantly better photo times a billion.
  • I learnt a thing!

  • I learnt some more things!

How to take a screen shot on a Mac

How to do a Batch Rename in Adobe Bridge

Week 6


  • I have done sooooooo many contact sheets and batch renames now. Considering how overwhelmed I was in Week 4 trying to do them for the first time and thinking I was so dumb and slow for not being able to do it, and NOW I have done so many I could teach someone else how to do it! It is old hat now! I’m so glad I decided to do this online journal, otherwise I would not have gotten all this practice. It really does make perfect!
  • I am a bit all over the place in terms of trying to focus on and finish one thing before I start on another. I have taken a heap of portraits in the studio and outside but I have completely abandoned that because I keep thinking of ideas for the Place project. Sooo I need to try focus on getting the Portraits done first, as they are due first!

Week 7


  • Just did my little speech on my work so far on my Place assessment. I have two ideas sort of. The feedback I got from the class and the teacher was great and helpful and it seems most people like the table idea the best. I will experiment with more photos of the table, teacher suggested I take a photo from above sort of framing the table, which is a great idea. I will see if I can do that, rig up a dolly, set up some levers and pulley and tracks, nothing major ;op but yeah I like all my ideas so I will just have to take a few more photos and see what looks best.
  • Here is the feedback from today.

So I could not get the idea of taking a photo of the wooden table from above out of my head, so I had to attempt it. It was quite the riddle to solve! How would I get a shot from above without having a tripod showing or having to just take it from above myself, without seeing my body in the photo? I decided I would require elective surgery to have go go gadget arms attached to my body! I will be admitted to hospital next week!

  • How to solve the problem of taking a photo directly above my kitchen table so all that is in view is the table. First I thought of hanging the tripod from my kitchen light. This did not work as it was quite heavy and there was no way of controlling the position of the camera. Then I thought of using rubber bands attached to my camera and attached to the light, again, no way of making the camera level and it was not the safest. Then I thought to suspend the camera on rope or wood. Either using rope attached to hooks between two walls in the kitchen, or using wood as it would be more stable, then making a little housing for the camera to sit in.

Week 8


  • It is like really, super interesting taking photos of myself doing things from above. Like even though I know what I am doing, and can imagine what I would look like, when I look at the actual photo it is still not how I imagine it to look. It is cool to see things from a different perspective and also cool having photos of myself just doing everyday things. I don’t take many self portraits, but when I do it is of the front of me, my face or whatever. I am liking the photos with myself and my boyfriend in them. I didn’t think this project was going to be that great to begin with. I liked the idea of the table but I didn’t think it would be very engaging. However it is turning out to be very engaging. I have had to limit myself from taking too many photos due to the time restrictions of this course, because I tend to get carried away and take photo after photo, which then makes the process of deciding which ones to use for the assessment difficult.
  • Needed to take some better portraits in natural light…I am not enjoying probably because I think I suck at it, and I probably do! But then again I have never done it before, like actually tried to take a nicely composed, well lit photo of someone. But I look at other photographers portraits and they are just sooooooo good, then I look at mine and they are not soooooo good. I did take a few I really liked of Matt in his room in front of his computers. After class the other day and looking at the portraits of people in their spaces I thought of doing that. They were good in terms of the setting but I thought the lighting was bad, and then I had a sook and gave up.

Week 9


  • Wahhhhhh portraits!
  • So I ended up choosing the portraits for my assessment based on the largeness of the smile on the subjects to compensate for the fact that I hated this assessment because I totally sucked at it. I chose two photos that looked happy, and the people looked happy with their big, and I’m pretty sure natural and unforced smiles, so at least SOMEBODY was happy!

  • Just been taking more photos of the table…….. it has become quite the addiction. I wish we could submit a video like a time lapse or something because that would look awesome. I might just do one and put it on here, if I have time, if my time doesn’t lapse.

Week 10


  • Some notes from today.

  • I learnt some more things!

How to copy and paste settings in Adobe Bridge

How to make an A4 template in Photoshop.

  • I tried to take some photos of myself with my sewing machine. They looked fine at first but then I noticed the machine was in focus because it was closer to the camera and the rest of the table was slightly out of focus……then I had another sook.

Week 11


  • Set up my sewing machine again and took some more photos, this time in focus. I have been using my partner’s fandangled fancy pant new camera, and it has a whole heap of settings I am not familiar with, however he was able to help me with getting everything into focus. My tutor also suggested using an ISO of around 600 which seems to have worked better than just having it set on auto. There is just so much to remember each time you take a photo. It is frustrating, but I know it is part of the learning process but why am I not instantly an expert at everything I do? Because that is what I expect! Haha!
  • Took a few photos of myself doing things I enjoy, even though I don’t have time to do things I enjoy right now because I have so much other uni work to do, so I pretended I was doing things I enjoy, like reading, planting things and sitting drinking cups of tea. It was all a set up! I wasn’t really relaxing because I can’t right now because I have a million and one things to do and think about. But at least this subject is allowing me to pretend I am relaxing haha!

Week 12


  • Just finishing up with some more photos of things I enjoy doing. I set up a few more scenes. One of myself making jewelry. Another of myself doing some painting, just painting a tea light holder and a little hanging shelf, a bit of DIY!
  • Trying to pick which photos to use out of like 400 something images is a bit difficult. Which is why I get so annoyed with myself for taking too many photos! It always makes it so hard to pick out the ones that are good, which is usually very few haha. However I have narrowed it down to a short-ish list of about 30.

Week 13


  • I have chosen my final eight! Currently editing them and preparing them for print!
  • Here are the final eight photos for my Place project.