Week 2

These are the photos from my second week. They are a part of the Camera Control Exercise task. To fulfil the criteria of our first assessment we had to submit five photos, each displaying our knowledge and skill level of the following different camera control techniques –

  • shallow depth of field
  • maximum depth of field
  • fast shutter speed to freeze movement
  • slow shutter speed to create subject blur – still camera
  • slow shutter speed to create background blur – moving (panning) camera.

Experimenting with panning camera technique. Those few photos of the toad stools I took turned out to be the only maximum depth of field shots I took. I completely forgot to take a purposeful maximum depth of field shot. I was too focused on the other techniques! Luckily I like toad stools and I just took those photos, otherwise I would not have had one to submit for my assessment!

At the park with the doggos and my partner Matt. I really like the panning photos of the dogs running. They weren’t the best example of panning though. However we had a fun day and the dogs were very willing models.


The one photo in the second row on the left of my dog Strawberry running is my favourite. I was going to use it for the subject blur photo but I ended up with a whole heap of other ones that I felt were a better example so I used one of those instead.


Obligatory car at night subject blur photos. They look so awesome though, no wonder there are so many of them out there.