Week 7

Place Development.

For my Place project I have decided to take photos from above my kitchen table. Kind of like a bird’s eye view of my life, which takes “place” (see what I did there?) the vast majority of the time on and around my kitchen table! It is a pretty literal interpretation of the place concept. I had a lot of other crazy ideas, but the whole university and having to hand things in on time thing was not going to gel with that. My place concept is just about this area being a place in which I do lots of random things as well as everyday things. It is a place for eating, a place for sitting, a place for craft, a place for art, a place for reading, a place using my phone to search the internet for memes and so on and so forth! This is the family dining table and it has been in this dining room since my parents bought the house, so it is a nice little record of the Jones family history.

This is the high-tech camera holder thingy I rigged up in my dining room to enable me to take photos above the table. At first I was using my camera, a Canon 1100D which does not have wireless capabilities. I would place the camera in the contraption, take a photo using the timer setting, remove the camera to see what the photo looked like and if it was bad I would sigh and try again and if it was good I would rejoice! However this was quite a time consuming and tedious process. Luckily my ever helpful partner Matt suggested I use his new Canon 80D with wireless capabilities. This enabled me to use an accompanying app on my phone, by connecting the camera and my phone up to the same WiFi. I could then take photos remotely. It was SOOOOOOOO much easier! I could simply look through the viewfinder on my phone and take a photo from pretty much anywhere in my house. Thank googly goodness for technology!